Knee Support

SG012 Knee Support (1 Pair/Pk)

Size Price Color
M / L SGD 160

↓ Materials ↓

Exterior: Acrylic 34%, Cuprammonium Rayon 23%, Polyester 20%, Nylon 12%, Polyurethane 6%, Cotton 5%
Interior: Nefful Neoron 58%, Polyester 22%, Nylon 13%, Polyurethane 7%

↓ Features ↓

Ergonomic design woven with soft circular weaving method, providing excellent support and comfort to your elbows and knees.

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Nefful Information

Negative Ions are electrically charged particles that float in the air around us all the time. The air near the mountains, waterfalls, beaches and forest are among the places where ionization is in complete and natural balance. These types of environments make us feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain, keeping us more alert, improves our memory and mental energy. Negative ions are needed to balance out the positive ions found in polluted air, food, electricity, smog, and stress which are bad for our health.
Negative ions are always beneficial. Although our body has its own ability to detoxify itself naturally, wearing Negative Ion Clothing helps to pull out the excessive positive charged toxins that the human body just can’t handle. This unique clothing has no side effect or expiration date. It can detoxify your body, improve and preserve your health therefore, helping to reduce the intake of harmful medications that can or may affect other parts of our organs. The more layers of Negative Ion Clothing you wear, the healthier you may become.
Gaining knowledge of the benefits of wearing Negative Ion clothing will help you to appreciate the value for optimum health and increasing the chances for a productive and ideal quality of life. A known fact: “Many people dedicate their lives to accumulate wealth, ignoring their health then in their golden years they spend their wealth trying to buy their health.”
According to the Asian Medical Journal,
If the amount of negative ions per cubic centimeter of air is:
At 1,000-2,000 cc the human body could remain healthy
At 5,000-10,000 cc the human body can improve resistance to disease and improve immunity.
At 100,000-500,000 cc the human body can produce “natural self healing power”.
You can have a healthy body, just by changing your clothes, you must try it!

4 Amazing Effects of Negative Ion Clothing:

  1. Purifies Blood and Increases Circulation
    Calcium ions in the body determine the pH of your blood. A healthy person should have a pH of 7.35 – 7.45 which is determined by 4 mg of calcium ions per 100 cc of blood. Negative ions have the ability to help normalize the calcium ion in the blood and bring the pH to slightly alkaline. Wearing Negative Ion Clothing can purify your blood from Acidic to slightly alkaline.
  2. Rejuvenate Cells
    We are made of cells. Through tiny passage ways in the cell membranes, a cell is able to absorb nutrients from the blood and remove waste. When blood is acidic, these membranes harden and cause blockage of the passage ways. The cell either dies or mutates. When wearing Negative Ion Clothing it will change the blood to be more alkaline, the cells then perform these two major functions. Cancer cell cannot live in alkaline blood.
  3. Strengthen the Immune System
    By rejuvenating and strengthening the cells, negative ions boost our immune system. A strong immune system can quickly detect and destroy viruses and bacteria via increase antibody production.
  4. Regulate Autonomic Nerves
    Autonomic nerves are nerves that you cannot consciously control such as heart beat, respiration, blood circulation, digestive system, and metabolism. Negative ions can relax and normalize the autonomic nerve functions.Example of autonomic nerves problems:
    • Insomnia (Sleeping problems).
    • Poor Circulation
    • Constipation
    • Aches and pains
    • Breathing problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Who can wear Negative Ion Clothing?
Teviron clothing is designed for children, teenagers, women, men, athletic clothing, for specific health problems and other purposes.
• Can Healthy people use Teviron?
Yes, both healthy and sick persons are able to wear Teviron materials for the purpose of prevention and improving their health.
• Is Negative Ion Clothing suitable for all ages?
Teviron is a very good fiber which is suitable for every age group. It is suitable for elderly aged people to improve on the aging symptoms. Teviron clothing can help all ages to attain good health.
• Is Negative Ion Clothing harmful for pregnant women?
Teviron clothing is safe and beneficial for women during pregnancy and will not harm the fetus and may also assist in proper fetus development.
• Are there any side effects during the improvement phase?
Improvement reactions are different with each person because people whose health was good may not have reaction, and those with a more serious disorder may experience some detoxification effects, such as pain, soreness, rashes or fatigue. These feeling are normal and should disappear within a few days or weeks.
• What should I do if I have discomfort wearing the Negative Ion Clothing?
If a person cannot tolerate the reaction, they may remove the negative ion clothing then wear it again after their symptoms disappear. It may take continuous exposure to the negative ion clothing to improve the reaction, so do not worry if you experience temporary reactions.
• Can Teviron clothing be washed in a washing machine?
Yes, Hand wash or machine wash are okay, machine wash use delicate cycle. Use organic detergent, Do NOT use bleach, fabric softener or woolite. Do NOT Heater Dryer, hang to dry on plastic hanger inside the room or outside under the sun. Do NOT iron. (under wears, supports and accessories must wash everyday, bedding series wash every 10 days). Teviron fiber never washes away; it will last for life time

General Disclaimer

Negative Ion Clothing is NOT a medical device, a cure, a therapeutic tool, or medication. The use of Negative Ion Clothing can improve and preserve health. Because each individual is different, result may vary.
You are advised to seek professional medical advice for your own health issues.


SG012 护膝 (一双装)

尺寸 价格 颜色
M / L SGD 160

↓ 材料 ↓

表层: 压克力 34%, 铜氨丝 23%, 合成纤维 20%, 尼龙 12%, 弹性纤维 6%, 棉 5%
裹层: 妮芙露妮美龙 58%, 合成纤维 22%, 尼龙 13%, 弹性纤维 7%

↓ 特色 ↓

人体工程学设计采用柔软的圆形编织方法编织,提供出色的支撑和 安慰你的胳膊肘和膝盖。

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负离子是带电的粒子,它总是漂浮在我们周围的空气中。 靠近山脉,瀑布,海滩和森林的空气是电离完全和自然平衡的地方。 这些类型的环境让我们感到平静,放松和恢复活力。 负离子会增加氧气流向大脑,使我们更加警觉,改善我们的记忆和精神能量。 需要负离子来平衡在污染的空气,食物,电力,烟雾和压力中发现的对我们健康有害的正离子。
负离子总是有益的。 虽然我们的身体有自己的自然解毒能力,但穿着负离子服装有助于排除人体无法控制的过量正电荷毒素。 这种独特的服装没有副作用或到期日期。 它可以解毒你的身体,改善和保护你的健康,因此有助于减少可能或可能影响我们器官的其他部位的有害药物的摄入量。 你穿的负离子衣服层越多,你可能会变得越健康。
了解穿着负离子服装的好处将有助于您体会到最佳健康的价值,并增加提高生产力和理想生活质量的机会。 一个众所周知的事实是:“许多人奉献自己的生命积累财富,忽视了他们的健康,然后在黄金时代他们花费财富试图购买健康。”


  1. 净化血液并增加循环
    体内的钙离子决定了你血液的pH值。 健康人的pH值应为7.35-7.45,由每100cc血液中4mg钙离子决定。 负离子具有帮助正常化血液中的钙离子并使pH变为弱碱性的能力。 穿负离子服装可以将你的血液从酸性变为微碱性。
  2. 使细胞恢复活力
    我们是由细胞组成的。 通过细胞膜中的微小通道,细胞能够从血液中吸收营养,并去除废物。 当血液呈酸性时,这些膜变硬并导致通道堵塞。 细胞死亡或变异。 当穿着负离子服装时,它会改变血液更碱性,然后细胞执行这两个主要功能。 癌细胞不能活在碱性血液中。
  3. 加强免疫系统
    通过振兴和加强细胞,负离子可以提升您的免疫系统。 一个强大的免疫系统可以通过增加抗体产量来快速检测和破坏病毒和细菌。
  4. 调节自主神经
    自主神经是你无法自觉控制的神经,如心跳,呼吸,血液循环,消化系统和新陈代谢。 负离子可以放松并使自主神经功能正常化。自主神经问题的例子:
    • 失眠(睡眠问题)
    • 循环薄弱
    • 便秘
    • 疼痛和痛苦
    • 护膝问题


• 谁可以穿负离子服装?
• 健康的人可以使用特美龙吗?
• 负离子服装适合所有年龄段的人士吗?
特美龙是一种非常好的纤维,适用于各个年龄段的人群。 适合老年人改善老化症状。 特美龙服装可以帮助所有年龄的人获得健康。
• 负离子衣物对孕妇有害吗?
• 改善阶段是否有任何副作用?
每个人的改善反应都不同,因为健康状况良好的人可能没有反应,而那些病情更严重的人可能会经历一些解毒作用,如疼痛,疼痛,皮疹或疲劳。 这些感觉是正常的,应该在几天或几周内消失。
• 如果穿着负离子服装感到不适,该怎么办?
如果一个人不能容忍这种反应,他们可能会消除负离子服装,然后在症状消失后再次穿上。 它可能需要持续接触负离子衣物以改善反应,所以如果您遇到暂时性反应,请不要担心。
• 特美龙服装可以用洗衣机清洗吗?
是的,手洗或机洗都可以,机洗使用细腻的周期。 使用有机洗涤剂,不要使用漂白剂,织物柔软剂或羊毛石。 不要加热烘干机,悬挂在室内或外面的塑料衣架上晒干。 不要熨烫。 (在穿着,支架和配件每天必须洗,床上用品系列每10天洗一次)。 特美龙纤维永远不会洗去; 它将持续一生


负离子服装不是医疗装置,治疗,治疗工具或药物。 负离子服装的使用可以改善和保持健康。 因为每个人都不同,结果可能会有所不同。